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Available Servers
Posted By Xavier - Tuesday 28 October 2014 - 14:31:40 printer friendly

We would just like to remind everyone that the server list you get when you logon our shard, is a list of routes to the same shard. These are intended to help get around routes that give players high ping to the shard.

The EU server is in Germany and has about 100ms ping, and a very stable route to the main shard. If you play from Europe and have high, unplayable ping time you might get better times by connection via this EU route. If you time to the shard is 250ms, but your time to the EU link is 25ms, you can reduce your ping time to around 125ms just by using that link. 125ms isnt perfect, but its a lot better than the ping some of our EU players have had by connecting straight to the shard.


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