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Update: October 4th, 2017
Posted By Athena - Thursday 05 October 2017 - 02:11:52 printer friendly

Added Arcane Circle +1 bonus at Britain Bank in Felucca and Trammel

Clean Up Britannia changes:

- Added Anon's Boots (Human and Gargoyle)
- Added Shanty's Waders (Human and Gargoyle)
- Added Lerei's Hunting Spear (Human and Gargoyle)
- Removed random mushroom from low end rewards
- Removed Bracelet of protection
- Removed Charger of the Fallen
- Added Dark Void Pigment
- Added Liquid Sunshine Pigment
- Added Mother Of Pearl Pigment
- Added Murky Amber Pigment
- Added Reflective Shadow Pigment
- Added Star Blue Pigment
- Added Vibrant Crimson Pigment
- Added Vibrant Seagreen Pigment {SOCIAL}

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