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Networking Changes
Posted By Xavier - Sunday 02 February 2014 - 04:40:48 printer friendly

It is fairly obvious that while the shard server runs pretty well for North America, European players have had less than good experiences playing here. A few, amazingly have stayed for it. The least we can do is try to fix it. So, we are using hardware resources in a couple locations, which have excellent routes to the shard server, to provide a better route to the shard.

For example: One player has had 250ms and higher ping times with a lot of jitter and packet loss. The closest hardware we have to that person, has 104ms, rock solid and steady from the shard server. So, making use of that route, he tells us that his ping times have been reduced to ~140ms, and smooth and playable.

So, over that route, the absolute minimum anyone can expect to get to the US shard server will be around 120ms. That's sure better than a lot of the times we have been told that people get from Europe.

There are no configurations you need to change, or software, or proxy connections. This is completely transparent, and is being routed by the servers. When you log in you will see new entries on the server list. USA1, USA2, USA3, and EU. When you pick from the server list, you will be routed to Wakened via our private hardware in a couple different locations. We will be adding at least one more route soon, possibly tomorrow.


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