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Network outtage: July 25, 2017
Posted By Xavier - Tuesday 25 July 2017 - 09:32:10 printer friendly

Our hosting datacenter had a network outage today which resulted in downtime for the shard. Just in case it happens again, the shard is currently listening on a second IP address which is on the same machine, but a network range unaffected by the issue.

In the event that you can not connect normally to the shard, you may connect to on port 2593, and select the SECOND entry in the shard list. Otherwise, you can resume using port 2593 and use the first entry in the server list.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Christmas 2016 Gifts
Posted By Athena - Monday 12 December 2016 - 09:05:29 printer friendly

IMPORTANT: We are using content that is only viewable in the latest client. If you see cliloc errors on any gifts given, or you cannot view the main gift box, it means you need to update your client and make sure you are running your client assistant (uosteam or razor) as admin.

If you log in between December 12th, 2016 (after server wars) and January 15th, 2017 you will receive a Holiday gift from Wakened Online!

Details of gifts:
Gift boxes

Tile Box Sets

One of three random box of tile sets

Mosaic Tile Box Set

Giant Candy Cane

1 red and 1 green giant candy cane

Snowy Holiday Tree House Addon

1 in 10 chance for this to drop!

Sleigh and Reindeer House Addon

1 in 10 chance for this to drop!

Recipe Chocolate Nutcracker

One of 3 recipes for a dark, milk or white chocolate nutcracker wrapped in foil.

When you unwrap the foil from the chocolate nutcracker there is a small chance for 1 of 4 cards of semidar to drop into your backpack. When you double click the card you'll see an image of the character

And last, but not least! A red or green special stocking. The green stocking is rarer with a 1 in 10 chance. The stocking will fill with various random holiday items when you open it.
Included in the random drops are new holiday items shown below!


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Holiday 2015 Gifts
Posted By Athena - Wednesday 16 December 2015 - 20:16:57 printer friendly

IMPORTANT: We are using content that is only viewable in the latest client. If you see cliloc errors on any gifts given, it means you need to update.

If you log in between now and January 15th, 2016 you will receive a Holiday gift from Wakened Online!

Details of gifts:

Gift boxes

Holiday Tree Deed

Holiday Wreath

Potted Snowfluff Tree

There is a 2 in 100 chance of receiving a rare hue from the 8 shown in the picture!

Nutcracker Deed

Choose from either a large or small nutcracker!

Recipe Chocolate Nutcracker

One of 3 recipes for a dark, milk or white chocolate nutcracker wrapped in foil.

When you unwrap the foil from the chocolate nutcracker there is a small chance for 1 of 4 cards of semidar to drop into your backpack. When you double click the card you'll see an image of the character

And last, but not least! A red or green special stocking. The green stocking is rarer with a 1 in 10 chance. The stocking will fill with various random holiday items when you open it.


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Update October 16th, 2015
Posted By Athena - Friday 16 October 2015 - 12:28:14 printer friendly

- Halloween events are now active! See the forums or news section for details.
- Changed some of the boss drops in Halloween Town.
- Added a new carved pumpkin as a rare chance.
- Removed skulls from trick or treat. (You can still get them from grave digging!)
- Corrected attributes on Leviathan Hide Bracers.
- Fixed a crash bug in Dread Horn.
- Updated Ter-Mur Rune hue. {SOCIAL}

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Hardware upgrade
Posted By Xavier - Monday 30 March 2015 - 08:14:03 printer friendly

Please be aware, we are replacing the dedicated server the shard is running on today. This should cause minimal if any downtime. We expect to be able to transition to the new server during server wars. There may be a period when some people may not be able to connect to the shard via our login DNS due to their ISP DNS cache. If this affects you, use for the time being. Our DNS updates immediately, however DNS cache propagation is nothing we have any control over and may vary from one ISP to another.

The new server has 32gb of memory, 2x2TB drives in Raid1 configuration for server and data reliability, and newer system hardware with considerably improved performance based on benchmark testing done.

We will also be applying some code updates today, to be announced.


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Merry Christmas!
Posted By Xavier - Thursday 25 December 2014 - 09:29:16 printer friendly

Merry Christmas!

I want to let you all know, we havent forgotten Christmas, but the remainder of the stuff will be put in this evening. Its still Christmas this evening!

Myself and Athena both got caught up in IRL Christmas this year (BOO!). This is going to be her last Christmas living in England with her family, and well, I got out of the grinchsuit a bit myself.

The event stuff ingame will continue into the middle of next month, stockings will be getting filled this evening, and after this week, we will have plenty of time to get caught up on plenty of other things we want to add to the shard.

Happy Holidays everyone, from all of us.

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Additional Hardware
Posted By Xavier - Sunday 09 November 2014 - 19:52:08 printer friendly

We have another server we will be adding onto the Wakened Online services.

This server will be an addition to our server list/regional routing. It is located in Quebec, and has a 50-60ms ping time. Players in that area who have very high ping to our shard will be able to use this route to improve their gaming performance.

So, players with ridiculous bad ping time can lower their ping to as little as 75ms, depending on their ping time to the new link in Canada. Expect this to be available after the next update.


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Available Servers
Posted By Xavier - Tuesday 28 October 2014 - 08:31:40 printer friendly

We would just like to remind everyone that the server list you get when you logon our shard, is a list of routes to the same shard. These are intended to help get around routes that give players high ping to the shard.

The EU server is in Germany and has about 100ms ping, and a very stable route to the main shard. If you play from Europe and have high, unplayable ping time you might get better times by connection via this EU route. If you time to the shard is 250ms, but your time to the EU link is 25ms, you can reduce your ping time to around 125ms just by using that link. 125ms isnt perfect, but its a lot better than the ping some of our EU players have had by connecting straight to the shard.


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Wakened Online 1st Anniversary
Posted By Athena - Wednesday 01 October 2014 - 08:17:34 printer friendly

For our 1st Anniversary, as a thank you for your support, between the 1st and 14th of October we will be giving out 1 giftbox to all accounts with a 14 day minimum account age.

IMPORTANT! Some of these items can only be seen using the latest patch of the client. If you cannot see them, run your client without Razor and it should patch automatically.

Details of gifts:

Everyone will recieve 2 pieces of marble bar exterior & 2 pieces marble bar interior.

Everyone will also receive 1 random drop of a personalized stuffed animal.

Everyone will receive a willow tree, with a 10% chance of it being willow tree number 2.

10% drop chance of an emtpy OR filled marble bar sink.

25% drop chance of a fallen log deed.


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European Shard Link
Posted By Athena - Monday 29 September 2014 - 01:20:46 printer friendly

We have now relocated our EU shard link to a new server. The old one was experiencing way too much packet loss.

The new server is a huge improvement, hardware and network wise.

If you wish to use this link, just connect to and choose "Wakened EU DE" from the server list.

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Sept 6, 2014. Shard Rules Update
Posted By Xavier - Saturday 06 September 2014 - 07:19:27 printer friendly

Please be aware, we have updated the shard rules to prohibit unattended gathering of any artifact, TOT, or similar drops, including Minax items. {SOCIAL}

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Hardware Failure. July 24 2014
Posted By Xavier - Friday 25 July 2014 - 18:57:06 printer friendly

So, the web server had a hard drive failure just a couple days after the shard had a hard drive failure. The shard box was much simpler of a fix because we have mirrors on that system for added data security. They replaced the drive this morning, we started setting it up when we noticed it had some errors. Upon checking the disk i put in a new ticket and got it replaced again. We now have another sexy new drive. But being this was a single drive system, we are restoring stuff for the site, store, email, forums, etc. from backups.

After this incident, we have to decided to get mirroring set up on this server as well, or if we cant, get another one somewhere we can.

Sorry, its been a rough week with the hardware stuff, but all should be fine now and hopefully we can get some more important stuff done


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Hardware Failure. July 20 2014 - UPDATE
Posted By Xavier - Sunday 20 July 2014 - 12:31:15 printer friendly

The bad hard drive has been replaced and the array is rebuilt in less than an hour downtime. Everything is operating as normal, with no data loss. Sorry for the inconvenience. {SOCIAL}

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Hardware Failure. July 20 2014
Posted By Xavier - Sunday 20 July 2014 - 10:58:32 printer friendly

One of the hard drives in the shard server has failed and needs to be replaced. This will probably take an hour or so once the process is started. There is no reason to shut down the shard, or worry about data or anything of the sort. We maintain the usual recent backups of the shard data, plus 2 daily complete backups 2 time a day of the entire shard at a remote locations, as well as raid mirroring.

The drive that failed is one of the two mirrors of the same data, meaning: it will not cause any data loss. The raid array has done its job, and we still have all data and a completely functional server despite the failed drive.

But, we need to get this repaired as soon as possible. Once we contact the data center, it could be done at any time.


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Network Issues
Posted By Xavier - Saturday 26 April 2014 - 09:08:53 printer friendly

This issue seems to have cleared up some time ago. We apologize for the inconvenience.

UPDATE 11:10am Eastern

The data center engineers have informed us that the problem is isolated to a single router, and they are working on getting it resolved ASAP, but no ETA has been provided yet. We will probably take care of a few minor updates in meantime.

The server we have dedicated to the Wakened Online shard is experiencing networking issues at the data center hosting it, of unknown causes. We have contacted the provider, who are working on the situation. We hope to have things operating normally soon.

If this becomes a prolonged issue, continuing into the afternoon, we will temporarily move the shard to another of our US-based servers.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Networking Changes
Posted By Xavier - Saturday 01 February 2014 - 21:40:48 printer friendly

It is fairly obvious that while the shard server runs pretty well for North America, European players have had less than good experiences playing here. A few, amazingly have stayed for it. The least we can do is try to fix it. So, we are using hardware resources in a couple locations, which have excellent routes to the shard server, to provide a better route to the shard.

For example: One player has had 250ms and higher ping times with a lot of jitter and packet loss. The closest hardware we have to that person, has 104ms, rock solid and steady from the shard server. So, making use of that route, he tells us that his ping times have been reduced to ~140ms, and smooth and playable.

So, over that route, the absolute minimum anyone can expect to get to the US shard server will be around 120ms. That's sure better than a lot of the times we have been told that people get from Europe.

There are no configurations you need to change, or software, or proxy connections. This is completely transparent, and is being routed by the servers. When you log in you will see new entries on the server list. USA1, USA2, USA3, and EU. When you pick from the server list, you will be routed to Wakened via our private hardware in a couple different locations. We will be adding at least one more route soon, possibly tomorrow.


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Extra login addresses
Posted By Athena - Saturday 16 November 2013 - 14:31:38 printer friendly

We now have 4 login addresses you can use for our shard. Each have a slightly different route to the server so one of these may improve your current time to the shard.

The addresses are:


You only need to use now. We've changed it so that you choose your preferred server from the server list. Including one for people wanting a more stable connection from the EU.

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Update: November 7th, 2013
Posted By Athena - Thursday 07 November 2013 - 18:05:00 printer friendly

Miscellaneous server side fixes.
Added some custom stealable artifacts.
Fixed a couple of things to allow the vote site bots connect to us better.
Added 2 mobiles that aren't in play yet.
Fixed login rejection gumps.
Fixed 3 faction artifact properties.
Fixed invisibility timer after successfully hiding.

Details of stealable artifacts:

You may get a clue from these screenshots, as to where in each facet they might be.

Beef Carcass - Trammel - Artifact Rarity 3

Logs - Felucca - Artifact Rarity 3

Pot Of Wax - Trammel - Artifact Rarity 4

Cannon Balls - Trammel - Artifact Rarity 5

Gravestone #1 - Felucca - Artifact Rarity 7

Pulley - Trammel - Artifact Rarity 7

MouldingBoard - Felucca - Artifact Rarity 8

Gravestone #2 - Trammel - Artifact Rarity 10

LanternPost - Felucca - Artifact Rarity 11


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Inactivty Policy
Posted By Xavier - Wednesday 06 November 2013 - 14:12:08 printer friendly

We deliberately waited to make a formal policy regarding account inactivity and housing decay, to see how things would shape up regarding housing and basically unused accounts intended to hold housing.

So, here's what we have decided to do.

1. Accounts themselves will never go inactive. If we ever come to a point where old, unused account data needs to be purged, we will do so by saving it to a database, where it can be reloaded from by logging into the account.

2. As of right now, there is absolutely no reason to institute general housing decay at this time. The purpose of housing decay is to free up housing resources held by inactive players, so active players have fair access to housing.

3. "Preferential Housing" will go into condemnation after the owner is inactive for more than 45 days. If you have housing in an area deemed to be preferential, you will be able to request a freeze on your accounts for a negotiated period of time. We dont want anyone who wants to play to lose their plot or items, but we also do not want to let refresh-placers take from active players.

Anything to be considered or designated preferential will be determined by administration, and the complete list made public information. If you register your accounts, you will receive a warning by email 1 week before they go into condemnation. Yes, everything inside Luna walls will be on that list, as well as several other popular areas.

We also have some work to do, to provide the mechanisms to achieve this. It is not taking effect right now. This post was meant as early warning, but check back, because we will not be stalling or waiting on implementing anything, including this.

Complete details will be posted.


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Posted By Xavier - Sunday 03 November 2013 - 08:52:58 printer friendly

Yesterday, we announced we were going to move to a much better server. Yesterday evening we installed, updated, secured, and configured the OS and software on the new server, and set up everything for a fast move today to minimize downtime.

We just moved in 46 seconds. The server compiled, verified, and loaded the entire world in 11 seconds. Most of the time was wasted telling people we are moving now.

You may need to use if you can not connect with, until the DNS change propagates.

We have also corrected some core networking code, and with a little luck, it will behave much better for everyone.

We love feedback, let us know what you think.


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New server
Posted By Xavier - Sunday 03 November 2013 - 06:49:57 printer friendly

We have a recent backup of the shard running temporarily on the new server for testing/troubleshooting. The world on the new server will be replaced with the data from the current server when we finalize the move. But for the time being, you are welcome to have a look at


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New Hardware
Posted By Xavier - Saturday 02 November 2013 - 13:06:17 printer friendly

We have ordered service, which should be provisioned within a few hours from now with more stable connectivity, incomparably more powerful hardware, and much lower network latency for over 90% of the player base.

We will be in a location fairly central to most of North America, with tested ping times of 50ms to LA, and 80 to the east coast.

The system is an 8 Core Opteron, 16GB DDR3, 2x2TB SATA3 drives with raid mirroring to reduce the chances of drive failures causing any data loss to practically impossible. Of course we will continue to maintain our redundant backups to both servers and private locations, to prevent non-hardware-failure causes of data loss.

Hope everyone enjoys the new location, and we are excited to get to work migrating to it.

ETA, November 3 to 4th. {SOCIAL}

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Various Changes
Posted By Xavier - Friday 18 October 2013 - 06:42:41 printer friendly

We have implemented protocol updates for client version 7.0.33.x. If your assistant uses an action queue feature and you are using client version 7.0.33 or later, you will need to disable it until the developers of your assistant update it. Otherwise, you will have problems with dressing, undressing, and items you move "vanishing". If this does happen dont worry, the items should still be there, and a reconnect or resynch should make them visible again.

On another note, for the better of the community and the shard, we have had some staffing changes. GM Logan will no longer be with us. At this point in time we do not intend to discuss the reasons or the discussion regarding this.

We have also increased the chances of GM beggar trick or treat items from 1% to 2.5%. {SOCIAL}

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First and Last statement regarding leaving Demise.
Posted By Xavier - Saturday 12 October 2013 - 20:23:49 printer friendly

This all started back when we were all at odds with each over certain things things that were going on in the beginning of 2013. Internal relations never recovered from that, and it became obvious that it never will. Back in January and February, most of Demise staff had decided to leave. So, a new shard was setup, involving me, Athena, Eos, Selene and Larson. Then, slowly I think we all decided to un-decide to leave, and we all stuck around, and the shard never really got finished.

That shard was this shard, Wakened. It was here before Athena and myself decided to leave, by about 9 months. In those 9 months, things just continued to get worse. The domain name we ultimately used for it,, was registered way back in May, and the first one I was considering to use was registered in April. So yeah, we didn't leave just to start another shard, we already had another shard.

The housing inactive time was changed for exactly what I said it was for, to turn over a stagnant shard by displacing camped housing areas owned by people who hadn't been an active part of the community for years. I want to point this out too, people didn't just up and get 1 week to login and save their houses - it was discussed on the forums, publicly for weeks before the change was even made.

Word has gotten back to us, that regardless what anyone wants to make of it, the inactive time change had exactly the effect I was after: more activity, more active player base, etc., and two staffers and a couple payers said they see improvement from it.

So to the end of this recount, we left on a spur of the moment. More drama was firing up, I have had all I can take of it, and it took me 15 minutes to make myself decide to leave. People should stop being so paranoid, thinking someone is always trying to do them harm, and understand this: if I was going to wreck up anything, it sure as hell wouldn't be demise.

What truly amazes me is how people are blaming me for houses they think are being taken by staff, and other bizarre things, after we left. After. Im not there, Athena is not there. *If* anyone is actually doing this sort of stuff, its because we were not the ones doing it. Did you expect all Demise problems to cure themselves when we left? Things are only getting worse? Imagine that.

BTW, if you want a funny story, ask Eos why you should never play poker on hybrid!

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Doom Artifact Drops::The big green-eye award goes to ...
Posted By Xavier - Friday 04 October 2013 - 09:34:30 printer friendly

It has been brought to our attention that some people coming from a certain shard which has not yet implemented the Doom gauntlet points system seem to feel that some vast number of the doom artifacts have been handed out inappropriately to players, and have been so "thoughtfully" trying to "spread the word" about these artifacts and our shard. This rubbish couldn't be further from the truth. If you look around, you will see that everyone who has been playing has artifacts. Anyone who does play, and goes to the gauntlet for artifacts will have the same opportunity for the same items as everyone else.

What you are seeing is the result of the gauntlet points system. Players should be getting drops, on average, every 5 to 15 rounds. We will be tweaking the distribution, but the overall availability will remain the same, as this is how it works on OSI.

If you would like to see a list of items that were distributed as part of the welcome gift packages that were given to anyone who created an account and logged in a character before Oct 1 2013, that information is here:

the Awakening welcome giftboxes

Looking forward, yes, this system pretty much laid waste to the value of doom artifacts, but there are many other places to get new items that are much harder to get, and will surely be much more valuable in the end. Not everything useful needs to be that hard to get. Simply put: massive wealth from the Gauntlet is a thing of the past, so look to the future, because it is here.

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