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Christmas 2016 Gifts
Posted By Athena - Monday 12 December 2016 - 09:05:29 printer friendly

IMPORTANT: We are using content that is only viewable in the latest client. If you see cliloc errors on any gifts given, or you cannot view the main gift box, it means you need to update your client and make sure you are running your client assistant (uosteam or razor) as admin.

If you log in between December 12th, 2016 (after server wars) and January 15th, 2017 you will receive a Holiday gift from Wakened Online!

Details of gifts:
Gift boxes

Tile Box Sets

One of three random box of tile sets

Mosaic Tile Box Set

Giant Candy Cane

1 red and 1 green giant candy cane

Snowy Holiday Tree House Addon

1 in 10 chance for this to drop!

Sleigh and Reindeer House Addon

1 in 10 chance for this to drop!

Recipe Chocolate Nutcracker

One of 3 recipes for a dark, milk or white chocolate nutcracker wrapped in foil.

When you unwrap the foil from the chocolate nutcracker there is a small chance for 1 of 4 cards of semidar to drop into your backpack. When you double click the card you'll see an image of the character

And last, but not least! A red or green special stocking. The green stocking is rarer with a 1 in 10 chance. The stocking will fill with various random holiday items when you open it.
Included in the random drops are new holiday items shown below!


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