News Item: Hardware upgrade
(Category: Shard News)
Posted by Xavier
Monday 30 March 2015 - 14:14:03

Please be aware, we are replacing the dedicated server the shard is running on today. This should cause minimal if any downtime. We expect to be able to transition to the new server during server wars. There may be a period when some people may not be able to connect to the shard via our login DNS due to their ISP DNS cache. If this affects you, use for the time being. Our DNS updates immediately, however DNS cache propagation is nothing we have any control over and may vary from one ISP to another.

The new server has 32gb of memory, 2x2TB drives in Raid1 configuration for server and data reliability, and newer system hardware with considerably improved performance based on benchmark testing done.

We will also be applying some code updates today, to be announced.

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