News Item: Hardware Failure. July 24 2014
(Category: Shard News)
Posted by Xavier
Saturday 26 July 2014 - 00:57:06

So, the web server had a hard drive failure just a couple days after the shard had a hard drive failure. The shard box was much simpler of a fix because we have mirrors on that system for added data security. They replaced the drive this morning, we started setting it up when we noticed it had some errors. Upon checking the disk i put in a new ticket and got it replaced again. We now have another sexy new drive. But being this was a single drive system, we are restoring stuff for the site, store, email, forums, etc. from backups.

After this incident, we have to decided to get mirroring set up on this server as well, or if we cant, get another one somewhere we can.

Sorry, its been a rough week with the hardware stuff, but all should be fine now and hopefully we can get some more important stuff done

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