• Easter Champion Spawn
    This can be found in the Monster bash area in our Festival Grounds. The spawn has the following "replica" drops:
    • Special Dragon Easter Egg, Unique
    • The Robe Of Britannia Ari, shared
    • A Necromancer Shroud, shared
    • Lieutenant Of The Britannian Royal Guard, shared
    • The Most Knowledge Person, shared
    • Easter Bunny Statuette, deco

    Special Dragon Easter Eggs
    These collectible special dragon eggs come in 16 special hues, and when double clicked during the Easter holiday events will total refresh all 3 stats! This will only work if the egg is in your pack, and once every 3 hours.

    Dragon Easter Eggs
    Dragon easter eggs will be spawning throughout the world. When double clicked, they have a 25% chance of turning into a dragon easter egg that can be taken, otherwise they will spawn Easter Peeps and an Easter Peep Lord. The Easter Peep Lord has a chance of Dropping a pig on a spit house addon deed, an empty barbeque addon deed, decorative vines, and some of the items from the peeps. The small peeps have chances of dropping items as described later in this page from previous Easters. The Peep Lords have a few tricks that are worth mentioning: They have random a template from necro, mage, archer, or berserker mellee. Their elemental damage is randomly chosen when they spawn, their weapon ability is chosen randomly at spawn time from the entire list of special moves, stats are random from 200 to 1000, and their target acquisition AI mode is selected randomly from the three aggressive modes.

    Pink Easter Squirrels and Potted Plants
    Pink squirrels are randomly spawning throughout the world, they are not aggressive, they are not tamable, they drop nothing when you kill them, but you can get them to give you items. The item will be one of a set of new potted plants as per the OSI Easter content of 2015. These collectible potted plants come in two types and 16 common hues, 2 rare hues.

    Decorative Easter Eggs

    These collectible eggs come in each Easter Basket that gets filled in Trammel facets (as explained below ) between Easter day through the following week. There are hundreds of hues and 3 different shapes, which comes to practically endless possible unique combinations. These eggs are purely decorative and serve no other purpose.

    Easter Baskets
    During the Easter event, the Easter baskets will fill themselves with goodies when opened. The first time those baskets are opened during the Easter events, they will be filled with Easter goodies (or baddies). When opened on Trammel maps, they will fill themselves with a mix of the following items:
    • Easter Eggs
    • Chocolate Easter Egg
    • Stuffed Easter Bunny
    • Jelly Beans
    • Candy Coated Chocolate Rabbit
    • Chocolate Llama
    • Easter Carrot
    • Decorative Easter Egg
    • Easter Basket Grass

    Opening the basket in Felucca will give a mix of the following items:
    • Spam
    • Skinned Rabbit
    • Rotten Turnips
    • Chocolate Jelly Beans
    • Moon Shine
    • Chocolate Hand
    • Pigs Head
    • Pigs Feet

    Town Chest Stealables
    We have a holiday stealing system, as part of our holiday publishes. On the Trammel and Felucca facets, chests will be spawning throughout the holiday season. These chests will be in town areas, generally inside of shops, castles, and other structures. They are spawning with a wide range of lock picking difficulty and trap power levels, ranging from very easy to difficult. The difficulty of the container influences the chances of special items spawning in the container, but has no influence on what items spawn. Once the trap on the container has been removed or triggered, the container will disappear in 5 minutes. The containers will also search a small area around themselves for other containers. If found, they will assume the appearance of those neighboring containers, including furniture containers. Once in a while this makes it obvious, but often they disguise themselves very well. Some people have asked for more info about the spawns for these chests, so we decided to make more of it public. First, there are ~200 locations they can spawn. The spawns are in Trammel and Felucca, and pretty much confined to town areas in buildings. The chests will delete themselves 5 minutes after the traps are cleared, and the re-spawn check is in 30 min intervals. The spawner engine checks every 30 minutes for deleted containers to replace, and there will be no more than 15 in Trammel and 20 in Felucca, for a total of 35 in the world at the most. So, the contents ..

    Common Items
    • Cabbage
    • Carrot
    • Cheese Wheel
    • Cheese Wedge
    • Turnip
    • Ear Of Corn
    • Grapes
    • Ham
    • Eggs
    • Bananas

    Special Items
    • Easter Basket
    • Stuffed Easter Bunny
    • Decorative Easter Basket

    The Easter Basket is the same as the ones dropping on event mobiles. The Stuffed Easter Bunny will appear elsewhere in our events, but the ones stolen from town containers will bear a name which reflects the location they were stolen from. So, if you stole one from the town of Yew, it may have the name "A Stuffed Easter Bunny Stolen from Yew". Of course, some will have much more specific, thus interesting location names than this. These Easter bunnies will give treats when double clicked, once in a 24 hour period. The third special item is simply a decorative Easter basket which will be unique to the steal-able stuff.

    Easter Community Collection

    Peter Cottontails are spawning randomly across the shard, on all facets. Peter Cottontail will drop his tails when you kill him. Use these tails to trade in for special Easter items. Peter Cottontails vault for trading can be found in Luna!


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