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The Awakening
Posted By Xavier - Wednesday 11 September 2013 - 04:13:55 printer friendly



Due to some confusion regarding a 1 month discrepancy of the planned end of the welcome event, we are extending it through the end of September.

As a thanks for opening an account on The Wakened, we are giving a gift package to everyone who logs on between now and the 30th of September. The gift package contains a pair of commemorative gold goblets, special event wine, a raffle ticket that gives you a chance at winning a castle or keep in Malas, where castles and keeps can not be constructed, and a gift deed with 8 options, one of which can be chosen.

The gift deed has the following options to pick from

  • 500 of each necro and mage reagents

  • 1000 each of bolts of cloth, iron ingots, boards, arrows, bolts, blank scrolls, leather

  • 1 each spellbook, necro spellbook, book of chivalry, bushido, and ninjitsu (full)

  • 5 empty rune books, 50 each of recall runes, gate travel and recall scrolls

  • 100 each cure potion, heal potion, poison potion, refresh potion, explosion potion, night sight potion (all greater)

  • 1 each house placement tool, interior decorator, sturdy shovel, gargoyle's pick axe, sewing kit, smith hammer, saw, tinker tools. All 255 uses remaining.

  • 1 each skillball statball and soulstone fragment

  • 1 each pet bonding deed, ball of summoning, 100 powder of translocation.

Also in the gift box is a raffle ticket. The drawing will be held on the 25th. The prizes are one of 3 stone keeps, 1 large castle. These tickets are non-transferrable

While you are here, look down in the older news for a couple large and several small shard updates done in the last couple days.


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