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The North Pole
Posted By Athena - Thursday 07 December 2017 - 18:24:39 printer friendly

The North Pole is now open!

The entrance can be found in the Northern area of T2A, a gate can be found in Luna bank.


We have 4 bosses, each has their own goodies to drop. Two will have a chance to drop minor artifacts, ltots and other items. Those are Ebenezer Scrooge and Tiny Tim!

The Krampus

This special boss has a chance to drop Minax Artifacts as well as the following items!

The Holiday Scarf drops with 5 completely random properties with intensities ranging 80%-100%

Ebenezer Scrooge

Ebenezer has a chance to drop the deliciously tast treat, minor artifacts and other items, as well as this...

Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim has a chance to drop random items, including powerscrolls and minor artifacts. As well as his crutch!

Jack Frost

This boss has a chance to drop the following items!

The Wooly Mittens drop with 5 completely random properties with intensities ranging 80%-100%

Custom Peerless - The Bumble

If you find 4 keys, you will be able to fight our custom peerless, The Bumble.

As well as the usual peerless drops a piece from the crystal collection will drop to it's corpse with a 50/50 chance and there is a chance for the Humility Cloak to drop and an Irresistibly Tasty Treat.

Also, there's a chance for a Bumble Egg to drop to your pack. This containes an imprisoned baby bumble that will instantly bond to you. Take caution about who you bond it with, it is non-transferable and will disappear on being released!

The Bumble also has a small chance to drop a random item from the following:

Other Monsters

We have a few custom monsters, some have a chance to drop custom items, charlie browns christmas tree and the chains of Jacob Marley.

Evil Santas - Kill these for a small chance to get darkside dyes. He will also drop a piece of his suit on death.

Custom Stealables

The following custom stealables are available in The North Pole!


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