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Update: December 18th, 2017

18 Dec : 04:25  |  Updates  |   0
- Changed default weight of silver to .01, same as gold.
- Changed default weight of silver to .01, same as gold.
- You can now instantly quit factions.
- Removed faction point atrophy.
- Added GM placeable faction vendors.
- Added holiday property to list on gargoyle version of reindeer hide quiver.
- Added custom item Rudolph Hide Quiver (Lower Ammo Cost 25%, Hit Chance Increase 10%, Night Sight) as boss drop for special event spawn.
- Added craftable gingerbread cookie to cooking menu.
- Removed Scrooges Candle from Ebenezer Scrooge.
- Added custom artifact A Carolers Handbook as a drop on Ebenezer Scrooge.
- Made Tiny Tim tougher due to better drop added.
- Added custom artifact Santas Boots as a drop on Tiny Tim.
- Added custom artifact drop Snowmans Enchanted Arm to The Bumble.
- Added custom decoration Shattered Christmas Bauble as drop in special event spawn.
- Added Prized Turkey, Wondrous Turkey, Truly Rare Turkey, Peculiar Turkey as drops during special event spawn. (These work like the magical fish but with better results).
- Changed hues for this years Christmas Pig drop for special event spawn.
- Added 2017 christmas gifts.
- Relaxed the restrictions on ghosts using stuck menu in Felucca Dungeons and other places.

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