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Content Development
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Wed Mar 16 2016, 01:57pm
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Edit by Xavier:   Our official stand on this - this suggestion will be a community decision.  Your input is very important!  Also, stickying this.

In an effort to bring new players to the server, as well as extend content to existing players, i have proposed a few new content ideas to the staff. These are OSI based ideas, that i feel will make our server more desirable to new/returning players.

1) adding the random magic item generating drops. This will make new and much more powerful monster loot that will encourage mass amounts of farming. There is also a +1000 luck bonus for farming in Fel, and the bonus is significant. This new system will get more people farming to find those incredibly powerful items, plus the fel aspects means more pvp opportunities for those who want them.

2) Imbuing - now before everyone loses their cool know this would be a modified form of the skill designed to best fit us. currently the modifications on the board are: Armor and jewelry are limited to 4 mods, and all weapons have a leech cap of 33% when applied with imbuing. Weapons can already only have 4 mods because DI counts as the fifth.

By adding imbuing it will do 2 things for the server. It will make it easier for new players to get characters started they enjoy playing. It will also greatly increase foot traffic in the SA dungeons.

After testing the system out i can say the need to farm the SA dungeon will never end, and the materials needed to get desirable mods are not that easily obtained.

i know imbuing is not a popular topic, but i think with these modifications we can make it work for everyone. Plus it opens up the next improvement...

3) revamped runic tool system - There will be a new system in acquiring runic tools. all the old ways will still be intact, this is just a different way to get tools. The system revolves around the new magic item generator and the ability unravel items with the imbuing skill. There are 3 type of materials given out by unraveling in increasing difficulty to acquire: Magical Residue, Enchanted Essences, Relic Fragments. The more powerful the magic item unraveled the better the material.

These materials will serve as quest items you turn in a quantity of 50 each time to a quest giver in the royal city. Each turn in there will be a chance of a runic tool based on the type of material you turn in. You will not get to choose your tool, it will all be RNG (thus forcing more trading)

Magical Residue: 20% chance
- DC, Shadow, Copper Hammers/tinker kits
- Spined kit
- DC. shadow, copper Mallet and chisel
- Oak, ash kit/saw
Enchanted Essence: 10% chance
- Bronze, Gold, Aggy Hammer/Tinker/Mallet
- Horned Kit
- Yew, Heartwood Kit/Saw
Relic Fragments: 5% chance
- Verite, Valorite Hammers/Tinker/Mallet
- Barbed Kit
- Bloodwood, frostwood Kit/Saw

Yes, we would add the new saws, and the kits and saws would have 5 max properties instead of 4.

While the chance for high end runic tools may seem high, relic fragments are not that easily obtained and are needed to imbue the most desirable of properties. So the player would have to choose to turn in, or use in crafting. this would provide runic tools at a higher rate then the current systems, while still needing to fulfill a grinding process.

This will make runic crafting the better option for veteran players, while still leaving newer players the ability start.

remember imbued items can not be fortified, therefore they will all eventually break.

One of the main arguments i always had against imbuing was in regards to jewelry. Even capping the max properties at 4 still has potential for amazing jewelry. So how to we combat that? The answer is the magic item generation feature. the jewelry that drops there is far more powerful than anything that can be imbued.

By adding all these features will not only increase our player base, but will will provide new content existing player as well.

Any feedback on these ideas would be very helpful moving forward.

[ Edited Wed Mar 16 2016, 06:09pm ]
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 Sargon (17 Mar : 09:21)
Wed Mar 16 2016, 07:51pm
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once the rules of this have been verified...and this would increase shard popularity must be a plus...go for it...give it a test trial period...
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Thu Mar 17 2016, 09:47am
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while I know little about imbuing, based upon what Salendro wrote, the concern regarding any changes making too large an impact seem to have been taken into account. I would certainly support the idea. Well thought out proposal, Nice job man!
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Thu Mar 17 2016, 11:20pm
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i dont see a problem with imbuing being added to the server i think it might actually bring more people
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Fri Mar 18 2016, 11:36pm
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im not a fan of imbuing. it has helped ruin uo on the osi shards. I understand that it will be dumbed down for us. I am willing to ty it. but it really makes things overpowered and the economy for selling the stuff we make just isn't there right now.
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Sat Mar 19 2016, 01:41am
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i mean go for imbuing but i feel like you should really enforce a no "afk farming" for ingredients..
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 Salendro (19 Mar : 12:50)
Sat Mar 19 2016, 05:11pm
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The random item generator sounds like a great addition. You can read more here:

Perhaps starting with a version of this would be a good starting point.
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Fri Apr 01 2016, 01:43pm
Guest i support the random magic item system (greater artifacts are really cool) but i dont support the imbuing,like jasper said it ruined the uo
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Fri Apr 08 2016, 09:42pm

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I see theres a little bit on both sides here. The item generator will definitely be done. We are weighing the feedback on the rest of this.
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Thu Jan 12 2017, 10:22am
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Most of the current guides on UO forums and shards all include imbued suits or even rely on them, also there are those named drops that are vastly superior to any item. Getting a chance to have that will make the game easy again - probably as it was before ML, as for capping stuff - I would suggest capping to the max possible if the items is crafted - lets say if the item has 30 mana leech and you want to add another 30 you cant - it will go to 50 max - this will keep items from getting too good. On the other hand they joy of soloing stuff with a suit one has built over time is a whole different level. As for the runic system - that would be nice - to get a break from all those bods and macro crafting.
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