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Game Login Server Currently, we are providing only one UO free shard, and that is Wakened. You can connect using login.wakened.net on port 2593. We will be offering another shard in the future so check back for updates. login.wakened.net, port 2593 Internet Relay Chat We are providing IRC services for those interested. Our shard channel is #wakened. If you would like to speak with staff or other players of Wakened, feel free to come hang out. Also, you can can register your nickname so its always yours when you want it, and you are welcome to make your own channels on the network: private, public. on topic, off topic, or otherwise. Our primary IRC DNS name is irc.wakened.net. You can connect directly to a US server on our network by using irc.us.wakened.net, and the same for Europe: irc.eu.wakened.net. At this time, we will not be providing servers in China, Russia, or South America. South American users should be fine using the US IRC server, and the Asian and Russian users should be fine on our EU server. However, we would be open to considering accepting IRC network links if anyone is interested in providing one in their region. We are maintaining a backup IRC location: irc.abjects.net with the same channel names. irc.wakened.net irc.us.wakened.net irc.eu.wakened.net Teamspeak Servers Unlike IRC, the teamspeak servers are not connected in any way, other than ownership. In order to broaden the quality of services, we are providing teamspeak in North America and in Europe. Their DNS names are below: Europe: ts.eu.wakened.net port: 9987 North America: ts.us.wakened.net port: 9987 We now have Ventrilo servers setup: Europe: vent.eu.wakened.net port: 3784 North America: vent.us.wakened.net port: 3784

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