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Jan 14, 2016: New rules regarding Wakened Staff Impersonation added at the end!
Account Limitations As some have been made aware, we no longer have set quantified limits on the number of accounts that can be created and used. Historically, these limits have had an unfair negative effect on families and other people sharing living arrangements and internet access. However, accounts may only be created for the purpose of acceptable game play. Unacceptable use of excessive accounts which may result in account banning/deletion and other negative actions include:
  • Ban evasion
  • BOD farming
  • Resource farming
  • Gift and reward hoarding
  • Obtaining excessive housing
  • Harassment/Abusive behavior
As well, wasteful use of accounts is unacceptable, meaning that if a player has four accounts already, and they are largely empty (such as 1 or 2 characters on the account), then those four accounts are where we expect new characters to be created. Unattended Game Play We discourage unattended gathering as it can cause numerous issues, but unless your unattended activity becomes a problem or crossed any of a few lines, we do not want to intervene in game play unless its necessary. Unacceptable unattended activity includes:
  • Any farming that we deem excessive or unreasonable
  • Camping rares or artifacts spawns
  • Blocking attended clients / players from game play
  • Any participation in PVP unattended.
  • IDOC looting and house placement
  • TOTs, Marties, Artifacts and any other "drops"
Harassment The first thing we need to make clear as harassment goes, don't page on people for harassment if you took active part in the negative interactions in any way. Pages regarding mutual harassment incidents will probably be deleted and ignore, or if the situation warrants action, both parties will be jailed if we deed it necessary. Although not perfect, there are both speech filters and ignore features in the UO client and we must insist that you attempt to resolve the problem by utilizing these features before paging about verbal harassment. Physical harassment can include invis'ing other players' pets so they get attacked / killed by monsters, luring monsters on other players, or any other action utilizing game mechanics to trap players, cause problems for, prevent game play, or harassment of other players. This sort of activity is unacceptable and repeated incidents will probably result in action. The previous harassment issues mainly apply to Trammel rule set facets, not Felucca. Trapping player ghosts is illegal and considered harassment anywhere in the world. If you trap or trick players into a situation to kill them in Felucca, you must never prevent them from leaving to get resurrected. And if needed, you are responsible for providing a means of exit if you are responsible for someones entrapment as a ghost. Additionally, please do not block or attempt to block off entire areas of the world, or entire dungeons, etc. Being smaller areas are easier to defend usually, we expect that there should be no harsh effect on anyone from this rule. Cheats and Exploits Any cheat which causes unintended, unexpected, crashes, freezes, or detrimental behavior to the server/world, or any players; clients is absolutely unacceptable. Wakened administration are the sole authority as to the severity and actions to be taken, if any. Exploits come in many forms and effects, some of which are entirely benign and not something to action players for, and others may become punishable up to permanent ban from the shard, again to be determined based on the individual incident by Wakened administration. If you think you are using an exploit and are unsure as to our stand on it, please do page or write us to find out. Players will never be actioned solely for asking the question before doing something they may regret. Software We encourage people to only use one client: the original EA Games Classic Ultima Online game client which is available here. Use of any other game client will be at your own risk, and unsupported by us. We will not assist with 3rd party clients such as Sallos, or the UO3D or enhanced clients. At this time, we are not enforcing any particular client or client version. If the need arises this may change. As of this time, we only have one piece of software on our illegal list: Cheat Engine. With the exception of razor, we will officially provide no assistance or support regarding third party applications. If a staffer tries to help, or answer a question, that's up to them, but as a shard we will not. Nefarious Activity, "Hacking" Some things simply will not be tolerated. If you pass out trojan horse software, "viruses", or any other form of malicious software, including malicious scripts for assist programs, to any user of this server, you will be banned for the rest of time. The same applies to attempting exploits, or abuse of vulnerabilities, password guessing or "cracking" either targeting users of this server, the shard, the shard server, or the website or its hosting server hardware or software, or any of our other network resources. In these cases we will actively peruse the actor, and any resources we can identify and all ISPs (such as softlayer) and law enforcement will be notified, with any and all information we can gather. Spamming Spamming any other project, goods, shard, or service on Wakened resources .. just don't. Staff Interaction We expect respectful, courteous interaction with our staff, they are volunteers here to help you; we demand the same from our staff. We expect interactions between the two to remain respectful at all times. If you have a situation where you can not get help or answers you need or expect, or you can not remain amicable in your interaction, do not cause a problem about it. Contact a shard owner and we can figure out what to do about your issue. Do not page asking for items, or for help traveling the world. The server allows so many free "stuck" request per day. If you waste them being lazy, you may not be able to be moved when you do become stuck and need it. Also, if you believe a staff member has behaved inappropriately, or unethically, you can use the contact form on this web site if you feel you need to contact us discreetly regarding the issue; all staff see pages. Lost Items We may from time to time attempt to locate or figure out what happened to items that have gone missing, but by no means should you expect a recovery of lost items, and never expect replacements. If we can not 100% verify the claim of the lost item and its properties, it simply will not be fixed. Also, if the items are lost or destroyed by your own game play mistakes, allowing other players access to your stuff, or guiding or accepting guild invites from the wrong people, they will not be replaced. The only time we will consider such, is if the shard or staff are provably responsible for the loss. This has been beaten to death: there are no insurance bugs, there are no blessed item bugs. Account Inactivity The duration for inactivity is 180 days. After 180 days with no login, the houses will be condemned and collapse. If you are facing extraneous circumstances and will not be available or able to login for an extended period of time, contact administration and we can arrange a grace period during which your houses will not decay. Mumble and IRC Do NOT use our mumble or IRC services to advertise, spam, or recruit for any other site, server, service, or project. Doing this will probably get your entire ISP fire-walled from all of our servers and services and any associated accounts you have will be banned and/or deleted. Please be courteous and respectful when using any of our public chat or voice channels. This includes IRC channels we created for shard support such as #wakened, and mumble channels we made such as "General Chat", "Crafters", "root", "Idle", etc. These services are NOT here to be an extension of ingame rage, flaming, trolling or other anti-social behavior. If you have your own channel, a guild channel, etc., these courtesy rules pretty much do not apply to them; the topic and discussion is allowed at the discretion of the channel owner(s). People simply do not need to join private and player-owned channels if they do not like the discussion. Wakened Staff Impersonation Impersonating staff can and most likely will result in an immediate ban. This goes for IRC, Mumble, our site and forums and in game. This includes impersonating actual staff members, inventing a fake staff member, or even simply claiming you are a member of the Wakened Online staff/team. This behavior has very negative consequences for the shard, and simply will not be tolerated.
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