Shard: 2593 IRC: 6667 Mumble: 64738

About Wakened

is a new project started by UO emu community veterans, with the desire to make a better shard to play on. We enjoy what we are doing, and we intend to still be doing it years from now. We have tackled other large projects in the past, including two programming communities, a mid-large sized IRC network that is now 10 years old, and 5 years on one of the largest UO Free shards in the world. Our combined experience with Linux and Windows administration, development and security is 30 years. Our hardware and internet infrastructure is well established, and has been operational for 10+ years. The bottom line is:

While other shards come and go, we are going nowhere; we will be here for a long time to come.

The Wakened shard is hosted on a dedicated server in Europe, with a 100mbit unmetered connection to the internet, and outstanding reliability and stability. The world data, account databases, and everything else that can not be replaced, is backed up on a daily basis over multiple servers in multiple locations.

Our future plans include a US-based T2A (The Second Age) shard, which hopefully will be far too different from this shard to cause each other competition.

As part of maintaining the integrity of game play, after the opening events and thank you gifts, we will have to ask that players do not ask our staff for items, gold, special treatment or consideration. Its not that we don't want you to help you enjoy the game, but we do want everyone to enjoy the game - equally and fairly.

Also in the interest of integrity, we do not provide any fake, tampered or misrepresented information or data. While some other shards like to fluff their online counts, as much as 300% of the real value, we do not and will not. If we do not see fit to provide an honest answer or honest data, we simply will not provide it at all.

Welcome to our shard. We hope you enjoy.