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Shard Features

As part of any UO shard, understanding of game play and the features are paramount. On customized shards, it is easy to miss out on things because you simply did not realize it was there. We are not entirely a customized shard. However, there are and will be things that are unusual, changed, and some that are in the code base we started with, but simply so obscure people do not realize they exist. A good example is the time command that anyone can use to check the server time against their local time. We will be covering these sorts of things in this section.

Bulk Orders

The chances of getting higher end colored bods has been doubled. Dont expect miracles, as 2x almost nothing is still not far from nothing. But, we do expect a beneficial long term effect from this change.

Cu Sidhe

The rarest of the OSI colors for Cu Sidhe is the blaze yellow - or was the blaze yellow. After several requests we have put in the glacial hue, which is 25% of the chance of the blaze hue, making them incredibly rare.


Wood Treefellows

These work in the same way that a miner would spawn ore elementals using a gargoyles pickaxe.

First you need to obtain an undead axe of the harvester, these spawn on liches.


Then you simply chop trees using a Lumberjack with the axe equipped.

There is a wood treefellow for each wood type: Oak, Ash, Yew, Heartwood, Bloodwood and Frostwood.


The difficulty to kill each treefellow increases with the wood types, the rarer the wood type the harder it is.

When fighting a wood treefellow, be cautious about using any fire based spells, this has a chance of setting the treefellow on fire! It will die and there will only be scorched remains and no corpse to loot.

If you do manage to set the treefellow on fire there is a small chance that some of it's scorched remains or some scorched wood will be lootable.

Tree Fellow remains:


Scorched wood:


Each treefellow will drop between 25-50 logs of it's wood type on it's corpse.

There is also a 1 in 100 chance that it will drop a runic fletching tool of it's wood type to it's corpse. This includes Bloodwood and Frostwood kits.

The Bloodwood fletching tools are the same as the Heartwood fletching tool except the minimum intensity is 55 instead of 50 and it has 10 charges.

Frostwood fletching tools have a minimum intesity of 60 and have 5 charges.


Pack Leaders

We have added pack leaders for mobiles that have pack instinct, with the exception of arachnid and fey. Currently, they are spawning in Fire dungeon, with the exception of the Ostard pack leader; He spawns with the other Ostards in T2A. We also added kirin, unicorn, and nightmares to the equine pack animals. However, in the case of the nightmare they are ONLY given pack bonuses when they are fighting with a pack leader.

1 pack leader will give 10% damage bonus.

Their taming difficulty is increased, as are their stats.

The fire steed pack leader is a long-maned horse, of the same hue as the normal fire steed. They are the pack leader for ALL equine.

Fire steed pack leaders stats:

Strength 390 - 410
Dexterity 100 - 125
Intelligence 300 - 320
Hits 240 - 260

Control Slots 2
Minimum Tame Skill 108.0


The Ostard is a frenzy with a dark gray hue.

Frenzied Ostard stats:

Strength 150 - 200
Dexterity 96 - 115
Intelligence 20 - 40
Hits 110 - 150

Control Slots 2
Minimum Tame Skill 87.1


Hell hounds leaders are a darker red than the rest.

Hell Hound stats:

Strength 125 - 175
Dexterity 81 - 105
Intelligence 36 - 60
Hits 75 - 140

Control Slots 2
Minimum Tame Skill 95.5


Hell cats leaders are also a darker red than the rest.

Hell Cat stats:

Strength 185 - 200
Dexterity 96 - 115
Intelligence 100 - 125
Hits 115 - 145

ControlSlots = 2
MinTameSkill = 99.1


ALL of the pack leaders require 2 slots. If you have two pack leaders in your pack, none of them get any pack bonus at all.

These leaders spawn in the same locations on both trammel and felucca facets.

Holiday Trees.

We have added 2 new types in the holiday tree deed gump. They are the same holiday tree addons, except they have animation, and colors.


Stealable Artifacts:

We have added some custom stealable artifacts.

Beef Carcass - Trammel - Artifact Rarity 3

Logs - Felucca - Artifact Rarity 3

Pot Of Wax - Trammel - Artifact Rarity 4

Cannon Balls - Trammel - Artifact Rarity 5

Gravestone #1 - Felucca - Artifact Rarity 7

Pulley - Trammel - Artifact Rarity 7

Moulding Board - Felucca - Artifact Rarity 8

Dough Bowl - Malas - Artifact Rarity 9

Peg Board - Malas - Artifact Rarity 9

Gravestone #2 - Trammel - Artifact Rarity 10

Knitting - Felucca - Artifact Rarity 10

Lantern Post - Felucca - Artifact Rarity 11

Animal Taming

We have increased the number of followers to 6 if you have 120 animal taming and 120 animal lore.

Faction artifact differences

Some important notes about them ..

1. They have different cost and rank, and they can not be used by anyone not in a faction, or not of rank required to use.
2. They can not be transferred. They are bound to the character that claimed them as a reward.
3. They do NOT have the 30 day lifetime right now, but may in the future.
4. They can not be fortified with power of fort.
5. They can only be repaired by a faction crafter.
6. They are intended to be used only in Felucca. Use anywhere else will cause their destruction fast. The max hp drop with the current hp in any other facet.

Halloween Trick or Treat additions (Only active during Halloween)

GM beggars can now also trick or treat animals and monsters. Almost all creatures can give a statue of itself to the trick or treater. The higher the creature's fame is, the better your chance of getting a statue from it, for obvious reasons. If you unsuccessfully trick or treat the creature, it will become angered and immediately attack you. So here are some specifics.

- You cannot trick or treat in any house, or on a creature in a house.

- GM beggars only.

- can not be used on any summoned or controlled creature

- each creature can only give one statue, then must be killed to get more

- You can not trick or treat a creature while you are hidden or under a transformation of any type

- You must be within 3 tiles of the creature

- Nothing with human or elf bodies can be trick or treated, including vendors.

- the chance of success is 1% at the lowest, 10% at the highest. This chance is based on the fame of the creature.

These statues are NOT monster statuettes, and do not play any sounds. For the vast majority of creatures, at least, the art is not even the same.


NPC Changes

BaseAI wander mode will no longer cause all of the npc's and wandering monsters move in unison. They look more natural moving at times independent of each other.

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