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Account Security

Account Security.

Some of this stuff just shouldnt need to be said, as its covered by rules anyway. But, there are some things players need to be aware of to keep their accounts safe.

1. Do NOT accept scripts or programs from other players. It has happened more than once.. a script was given to a player, player expects to be instant uberpvpgodliness.. instead their client is throwing all their items on the ground waiting for someone else to pick it up, or their computer is emailing passwords out to other people. Always download razor and the UO client from the sites they are distributed from. Dont accept them from anyone else, Just DONT. 

2. DO NOT make your password the same as your account name. If someone figures out your account name, or it happens to be a common word or name, it will be easily guessed.

3. Dont use dictionary words for account names or passwords. Like #2, doing this just makes your account that much easier to guess.

4. Obviously, never share your account info. A friend today may be an enemy tomorrow, and besides: account sharing is illegal.

5. Check your system with an antivirus from time to time. There are even some free online scanners that clean your system such as the housecall site by trendmicro.

6. Dont use proxies. Whoever is in the middle can sniff your login info out of the traffic, or use the same IP address to trick admins, website owners, whatever, to resetting your login.

7. Account names and passwords should be a mix of letters and numbers. This is an easy way to make them harder to guess. As well, it is a good idea to not make a character or forums account with the same names as your account, as this exposes the account name to other users. The less info other people know, the less chance there will be of getting your acct hacked into.

8. Do NOT use the same username and password on other shards. ESPECIALLY if you log onto any small unknown shards. And DONT login onto shards that people spam ingame. Often, not always, these are just meant to get your account info when you make an acct with the same info.

9. Saved passwords. Never store your passwords on someone else's computer. If you play from an internet cafe' or someone else's house, make certain that the save password option in razor is disabled before you login. Also, its good to keep in mind that those saved passwords can be snatched if someone else gets access to your computer, either physically or remotely. So, keep it secure!

10. SpyUO and razor logs, helpful as they are, can contain your login information if you were recording the capture while logging into the shard. Never post a log with your info in it. Either start your capture after logging into the shard or edit out the login info, its easy to spot.

We've had a lot of accounts hacked/guessed, people losing items to bogus scripts, etc. and I would rather if our players just took the extra step to make sure their stuff is safe. You can change your password ingame at anytime with the [account command. It is a good idea to change it from time to time just as habit. Im sure many people have already messed up on one point or another with the account name/character name/password/forum name guidelines, but as long as you maintain a safe, strong password 8 or more characters with a mix of letters and numbers, you should be ok. This is one of those things where it usually takes a mistake on two or more points to cause an incident. The less of these points you neglect, the safer you are.

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