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Performance Improvement

Performance is always an issue with online gaming, more so for some than others. There are several routes you can use to connect to our shard, and they are available at the server list. Try each of those if you have a bad connection to the shard.

As for on your end, there are various things you can do to improve performance. A lot of this stuff will affect people with older computers or video cards, very bad connections to the shard, etc.

Network Performance

If you have tried the various server connections in the list, maybe you would need to look into some of the next few items.

Very obviously, the most robust type of networking is wired, and this is what you would do in a perfect world. Make sure your cable ends are good shape, and not excessively long and going beyond the specifications for the cable type you are using. Replace any cables that have lost their locking tab on the connectors. With that tab gone, they can move around, and even tiny movements can effect the quality of the connection.

In a perfect world, networking cables would be perfect, but in reality neither is usually perfect. "Tidy" wires, in the form of neatly coiled up ethernet cables is not a good practice. Small signal leaks can become more harmful when the cables are wound up tight, possibly inducing small current changes or otherwise interfere with your signal quality.

Check your networking gear, including any router, firewall, modem, and gateways. Make sure they are not crammed into a small area and accumulating excessive heat, or have blocked ventilation holes. Hot electronics are inefficient electronics. If your gear has wireless capabilities that are unused, disable it.

You can usually log on to your modem using a web browser. Check there and see if you can find stats regarding your connection. Your downstream signal strength should be from -7 -12. Typically this value being -7 is considered excellent, -8 to -11 is "fair", -11 to -14 is "poor", and anything lower than -14 is considered non-functional. If these values are not good, check your home cabling, making sure the connections are all good, and snugly attached. If you have a splitter, typically they should be arranged so "out" port goes to your modem and the port that says its a negative value (ie -7) should go to your TV. The upstream power should be over 40 in most cases, and the SNR (signal to noise ratio) should be 30 or more. If you have bad values and can not find the problem, you might want to call your internet provider and tell them you are getting weak signals, they can often solve the problem.

If you are stuck with wireless networking, and get a lot of latency, there are a few things you can check there. Make sure your device is configured to fully support the wireless family you are using, and make sure all your equipment is using the best possible type. You can also try switching the channel it uses. Disabling SID broadcast can save you some traffic, as a lot of devices just randomly scan for networks they can use and simply waste your network time when they try.

NO networking type is immune to the harsh effects of downloading torrents and other P2P services.

Errors and Crashing

Recently we had a wave of client side problems for some players, particularly the ones running XP or vista. The first step in these cases is to make sure that your game client, assist, and operating system are completely patched up to date.

Try running your stuff as an administrator, and set to XP compatibility

Next, a thorough media scan on your drives and after that try to defrag your disks, make sure they are not almost entirely full. This cases some problems with windows, and software installed and running software.

Try deleting your client profiles. If they have bad data they can crash your game client.

These below steps are a sequence and should be done exactly as stated and in the order they are listed, for use in the case that the above actions don't fix it.

1)Make sure ALL your clients and assist programs are CLOSED and not running. DO NOT run any of your UO software until these steps are complete.
2)uninstall any assists
3)uninstall the UO client
4)delete the UO client profiles data
5)make sure your operating system is updated, or update it if not.
5)Restart your computer
6)uninstall and reinstall the UO client (you can try just updating)
7)reinstall your assist.

NOTE! Do NOT start your UO game client at any time while you are in the process of performing these steps.
NOTE! running chkdsk on your system drive, you will need to reboot with a scheduled scan. To do that, run chkdsk /r agree to doing it on the next reboot, then reboot!

Video Performance
... (soon)

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