Update: October 6th, 2017

06 Oct : 12:52  |  Xavier  |  Updates  |   0
Updates will be applied a little later this morning
The following changes and additions have been made to game play.

1. Changes to Necromancy
- Curse Weapon buff icon added

2. Added Craftable Masks
- Bear Mask
- Deer Mask
- Orc Mask
- Both Tribal Masks

3. Changes to Dyables
- Anon's Boots, Pigments and Natural Dyes added
- Lerei's Hunting Spear, Pigments and Natural Dyes added
- Shanty's Waders, Pigments and Natural Dyes added

4. Changes to Spellweaving
- Arcane focus now uses the bonus as the number of hours.

5. Attribute Caps, Display
- HCI now shows effective HCI bonus, not gear total
- DCI now shows effective DCI bonus, not gear total
- LMC now shows effective LMC bonus, not gear total
- SDI capping removed from display as caps only affect pvp

6. Crafting
- Corrected runic application of velocity to properly scale
the bonus value.

7. Performance
- Revised some AI timers to be more CPU friendly

8. Reversions
- Reverted out an automated cleanup commit for Frenzied Whirlwind,
as the automatically generated code may be causing a problem.

9. Stained ooze adjustments, affects multiple creatures.
- Interred Grizzle
reduced rate of oozing by 80%. Theres a 2% chance to throw it when hit.
decreased equipment damage from 10hp to 1 to 3hp.
decreased mobile damage 40hp to 5 to 15hp
- Ilhenir, Monstrous Interred Grizzle
decreased equipment damage from a flat 10 to random 2 to 10
changed mobile damage from flat 40hp to 10 to 50hp
- All mobiles that spew it
increased the range it can be thrown to spread them out, by 1 tile
delete any old oozes that happen to already be on the tile that gets oozed

The stained ooze is the corrosive slime that Ilhenir, Monstrous Interred Grizzle and Interred Grizzle throw. People have complained for a long time that the Bedlam spawn is obnoxious, but its only really wrong for the ones thrown by the Interred Grizzle. However, we did some adjustments across the boards that should make it more reasonable. This is NOT OSI accurate, we also reduced the ones that were close to correct. This may be adjusted in either direction in the future. This should make those areas a little more reasonable.

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